Desert Sun depends on the support of its families.  We are a parent participation school.  You make a difference!  Each preschool and kindergarten family is asked to volunteer 5 hours per semester.  Each Parent/Toddler family is asked to volunteer 2 ½ hours per semester.

Examples of volunteer work include but are not limited to:

  • Working on Community Events
  •  Attending a PTO, Board or Event Planning Meeting
  •  Helping to maintain the grounds
  •  Taking home a pet (1/2 hour credit)
  •  Making playdough (1/2 hour credit)
  •  Soliciting donations for our Fundraising Events
  •  Working a shift at the Book Fair

We encourage parents to spend time in the classroom with their children; however, it does not count toward your volunteer commitment.  Volunteer time is considered time working outside of the classroom.

 A donation may be made in lieu of donating time.  We request $100 for preschool and kindergarten families and $50 for Parent/Toddler families.