Desert Sun has national accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC administers the largest and most widely recognized accreditation system for all types of early childhood schools and child care centers. NAEYC is the nations largest organization of early childhood educators. Early childhood programs accredited by NAYEC Academy have voluntarily undergone a comprehensive process of internal self-study, invited external professional review to verify compliance with the Criteria for High Quality Early Childhood Programs, and been found to be in substantial compliance with the Criteria. The Criteria can be found on NAEYC's web site at


Membership is required of all families enrolling in the school. Membership is extended to all staff. Membership is open to the community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of Desert Sun and is composed of the Desert Sun Directors, a limited number of Desert Sun Staff, Desert Sun families and anyone from the community who has an interest in helping guide Desert Sun. The Board is responsible for establishment of policy, the appointment of Directors, the preservation of the School’s mission, strategic planning, finances and marketing. Meetings are open to the general membership, and we encourage attendance by any interested parents. Meeting minutes and financial reports are available to members in the Office or by request to the Board of Directors.

The members of 2018/2019 Board of Directors are:

  • Susan Femiani and Trisha Lucas (Directors) 
  • Cara Walsh-Meaker (President) 
  • Sara Baraldi (Vice President)
  • Erika Weaver (Treasurer)
  • Thomas Femiani
  • Irfan Mohammed
  • Amanda Buckwalter
  • Mandy Harris
  • Tim Scripture
  • Eddie Fredericks
  • Linda Trujillo